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Rehearsal Factory offers the most premier music studios in Toronto. Our music rehearsal studio facilities are mainly based out of the Greater Toronto Area. We showcase the best jam studios, finest equipment and service, and all for the lowest prices guaranteed. We are the rehearsal space Toronto musicians come to when they want a professionally equipped, comfortable and reasonably priced music studio.

Why are we the rehearsal space Toronto Musicians choose first?

We offer pro music rehearsal studio services for affordable prices, such as: monthly lock out jam studios, fully equipped hourly music rehearsal studio, equipment/back-line rentals, music store and a full showcase/production music studio. We are always looking to expand our services and make it easier for musicians to create, rehearse, record, network and perform. Our music studio managers are always there to assist you with any questions or help you may need.

When looking for a rehearsal space, Toronto musicians often are limited to poorly run and badly equipped studios or are playing at home where they have to watch for noise restrictions and complaining neighbors. When you use one of the premier music studios in Toronto like Rehearsal Factory, you now have a rehearsal space where you can jam as loud as you want!  So what is stopping you from giving us a call and seeing what artists are calling “one of the best music studios in Toronto”?

Rehearsal Factory offers a variety of music rehearsal studio services and options to better suit the needs of any musician. Rehearsal Factory is the rehearsal space Toronto artists choose when they want to get serious about their rehearsal space. Book a studio and see for yourself!